Hemp Socks

Ok, that’s a weird title for a blog post. But today I worked the last day I’ll work at a certain place, and as an educator I said goodbye to my students. One little boy gave me a hand made card, complete with childish script in English and Japanese thanking me for the teaching. An older girl gave me two pairs of hemp socks. I’ve never had hemp socks. They look nice. I think I’ll enjoy them. And I wish all those kids the best.

I’m opening a new chapter in my life tomorrow. Things are really changing. Things are getting better. And, there’s that little voice inside of me telling me that things will never work out. That it’ll all come crashing down.  I don’t have a lot of faith in myself. Or my future. My anxiety sees to that if nothing else. And I’m scared of different things coming my way, obstacles I need to cross. But things are moving forward. And I can’t stay stopped in my tracks forever, frozen with fear. I’ve got to keep moving forward through whatever life throws my way.
And if the road is long and hard, hell, at least I’ll have a nice pair of socks to soften the journey. And a spare pair too.
Have a good one.



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