Forgive me


Forgive me for the nights

When I wasn’t there and

Forgive me for the fights

When you were


Forgive me for my flaws

And my many mistakes

I can’t make it alright again

And forgive me for missed birthday cakes


But I’m not sorry for being young

And not sorry for loving

And not sorry for all the songs I sung

To put you to sleep at night


Forgive me for the pain

I know that it’s my fault

And I can never go back again

But please forgive me


I wonder if years from now

When you’re all grown up

So much bigger than you are now

If you’ll forgive me


Forgive me for the memories

You’ll never remember

Loving music and dancing

Like we’d go on forever


Forgive me for the sad thoughts

It seems I’m acting so selfishly

But I miss you so much

Forgive me


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