But first…

Covered in layers of        

 hardened rust

There lies a part of me abandoned

but not forgotten
I’m older now and

Wiser, no?

No indeed, just older

and maybe a bit more scarred.  
But that childish optimism

And drive to improve and learn

And grow and thrive

Is still so fucking alive
I watch videos of free runners

Sky divers and 

Record breakers and

I think I want to be stronger
I want to read more and

Do more pushups

And run more marathons

And more importantly
I want to be kinder

Make the world a better place

Be more forgiving

And less angry
Yeah, I’m getting older

Still young though

And still so much time

Left to write a thousand 

More stories
Real and fiction

Harsh and romantic

And original

But classic
But first, I think I’ll take a nap. 


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