As I lay thinking

So didn’t take the sleeping pill tonight, because it makes me drowsy as hell in the morning. But I need it because I couldn’t sleep. And even worse is that for some strange reason, I started to reminisce about my life. My siblings. Where I came from. Where I’m going. How goddamn absurd it all is. Why my deep-seated anger at the world has a pretty decent justification. Well, justificationS. 

I brought to mind wrongs done to me 13 years ago. Why my brother is a brain washed cultist. Wondering if the sister I haven’t seen since 2006 is doing ok. I heard she got married. Sounds like she’s still a brain washed one too though. 

Wondering if I should write a novel. Wondering if I can really get into grad school AND find the scholarship to fund it. Wondering if I’m moving in the right direction in my life. 
Wondering if I should just take that damn sleeping pill already. 

I’ll try to get some sleep again. 

Good night, everyone. 


One thought on “As I lay thinking”

  1. Try drinking a cup of cinnamon and honey. It helps me sleep and it tastes good!

    I sort of feel the same way. 2am thoughts are such a headache. Haha. Hope all is well for you! 🙂


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